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The Universal Roll conveyor roller has a free-wheeling roller design which eliminates misalignment of the shaft that is found in regular rollers. Moreover, it comes standard with 4 bearings which considerably extend the life of the roller. The adjustment screw provides a perfect adjustment of the rollers.

The cartridges are pressure-pushed into the HDPE tube and are anchored with stainless steel torque-locking screws especially designed for the HDPE tube.

The external shell of the roller is made of HDPE (high density polyethylene); this material is much lighter than steel (See test) and provides a higher resistance to abrasion than steel. See table in the test tab ». HDPE is resistant to buildups and chemicals. Each conveyor roller is bored on a lathe which ensures a perfect concentricity and balance. See test »

High–quality extrusion provides for roller stiffness. This type of aluminum has a very good structural resistance and does not increase the weight much.

The Universal Roll conveyor roller has by far the best energy efficiency on the market. See test »

Universal Roll has something unique to offer.

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